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      The stage art is to create the visual image of the plastic arts for stage performances. Through the characters and the modelling of scenery, show performance of the external image, help the performances, reveals the connotation of the script. Art departments, stage lights, sets, costumes, makeup, props, etc because of its shape means, the differences between the external form and function of art, has a different model elements.
      Means of stage lights is to use light, through stage lamps and lanterns and control equipment, for stage lighting and modelling. Early stage lighting is a lighting is given priority to, the contemporary stage lights, is on the basis of the lighting, give priority to with modelling.
      The modelling of stage lights, depending on the content of the script, follow the general conception of the director, actors, and works closely with sets, costumes, makeup, and sound and lighting technology and skills to create atmosphere and the three dimensional flow and stage.
      To give full play to the function of the stage lighting, to master the technical skills, improve the quality of the art, to explore the modelling of stage lighting elements are of considerable importance. In-depth analysis of light elements from psychological Angle, more help to truly master the language rules of lamplight, improve the success rate of the designer creation to avoid the blindness of creation.
      In long-term lighting design and engineering practice, to explore of rectangular elements of stage lighting, lighting the modelling of factors mainly include light intensity, light color, light quality, light and shadow, light, light area, the beam of light and eight classes, sports lighting designers for the eight elements of flexible use of lamplight, make stage colorful, style each different.
      Laiming Stage Lighting Equipment for stage lighting products well as producers and lighting engineering contractors, the product from the laboratory to the practical application of the stage, has accumulated a profound technical foundation and rich practical experience. The future lighting industry, will surely is not only a stage lighting industry, is also an art!

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