The design of the different situations of stage lighting
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Stage lighting is constitute an important part of the performance space is according to the development of the plot, the characters and carry on the omni-directional visual environment needed for the specific scene of lighting design, and has the purpose to design intent reappearance to the audience in the form of visual image of the artistic creation.

National dance background light to strong is gorgeous, top light, the light to white or pale, gives prominence to the clothing, facial expression, posture, actors, and the spotlight outstanding lead dancer. Modern dance has increased the amount of flashing light, machine and other special effects equipment, timely use of follow spot outstanding dance, led and sang; For the singing class, the background color should be determined according to the situation and clothing, performance is not easy to change frequently, the top light and lamp is easy to use light color, if fewer cast, application outline lighting narrowing stage.

Drama literature should be highlighted more colorful costumes and make-up, so use white or pale light, with surface light outstanding actor expressions and gestures, but shoulds not be too strong, lest cause reflective face paint.

In instrumental music concert scene, according to the plot command and solo, handle lamp, dome light, face the audience can see musicians, Musical Instruments and playing technique, equipped with lamp when necessary, make the player can see the score, the audience to keep proper brightness, the audience can see the programme.

Conference presentations, report near stage than other parts of the light, but cannot make the speaker feel anti, stage lighting at the same time to open part of the dome light and ceiling light, to keep the audience hall of brightness, with proper surface of the light, the audience can see the stage personnel's face.

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