The four principles of stage lighting design
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Performing arts hall stage lighting design is different from our home lighting design, he needs to follow the principle of it, today we simply look at a few basic principles of stage lighting design.

(1) first in the need to follow the principle of functional stage lighting design

This article also means everyone in the performing arts hall stage lighting design must accord with the requirement of function. Whichever corner of lighting design needs to be according to the different space, different occasions, different objects to choose different way of lighting and lamps and lanterns, and ensure the appropriate intensity of illumination and brightness.

(2) the performing arts hall stage lighting design of the more important thing is need to follow the principle of aesthetics

Beautiful sex principle design is in order to be able to make their own stage lighting design more attractive, decorate beautification environment and the lighting is an important means of creating artistic atmosphere. Performing arts hall commonly stage lighting design is to foil a good entertainment atmosphere. So at the time of design pays great attention to this aspect of the general design principles.

(3) the boss in stage lighting design is very concerned about principle is a principle of economy

At the time of stage lighting design in meet the demand at the same time to ensure that this principle, that is the focus of the whole stage lighting design, so if you are a lighting designer so when to performing arts hall stage lighting design should pay attention to this. In the area of lighting design is to meet the needs of people visual physiology and aesthetic psychology, the performing arts hall space reflect the practical &#118alue and appreciation &#118alue maximum, and achieve the unity of the use function and aesthetic function. This is what we call the economic principles.

(4) security principles

Safety principle should be the focus of the whole hall stage lighting design for performing arts, whatever you want to design a kind of light, when the design must follow the principle of this design, in the lighting design requirements absolutely safe and reliable. Everyone at the time of design not only the pursuit of beautiful and do not pay attention to its safety design. Actually it should be in the design of the whole stage lighting design.

These four are the basic principles of performing arts hall lighting design, no matter what you want to design a charming lights, so at the time of design is a must to follow the four basic principles.

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