The ground stage lighting design and apply of the corridor
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In places of entertainment lighting design, we not only pay attention to the room of corridor of lighting design and lighting design is also quite important. Corridor lighting design is divided into a lot of kinds, corridor ceiling lighting design and the facade lighting design of corridor, corridor ground lighting design, etc. Different parts of the lighting design of rendering atmosphere is different. Today to share with you is on the ground in corridor lighting design lighting design knowledge in brief.

Recreation corridor ground lighting design general difficulty and investment cost is larger. When we were in dealing with this aspect of lighting design generally need to do some intensive processing. Sometimes also can do simple processing. For example, in many places of entertainment in the anchor line position works digital tube, production flow, collision, and other effects. If you feel like lighting design is not good enough, rendering the result is bad, you can also draw lessons from the stage lighting design of parts of the ground or organic glass Mosaic glass, the built-in light source, the stage effect on the ground. The corridor lighting design cost compared commonly big, atmosphere rendering effect is better.

Our KTV corridor lighting design should not only meet the basic lighting applications, but also pay attention to the rendering. The above we told by the corridor ground lighting design is usually in order to achieve the result of rendering atmosphere. The lighting effect is usually on the top surface of lighting design will be mentioned.

Well you look at the corridor lighting design renderings:

The corridor on the ground when lighting design is the green color mainly used, give a person a kind of pure and fresh and natural feeling.

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