Performing stage lighting design requirements summarized briefly
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Performing the magnificent stage without coquettish lighting decoration design, so how to make a sound stage lighting design? Also simple and everyone mentioned a while ago, here we would like to share with all of you to continue on this knowledge.

In the first place to have a look at our performing stage lighting design system of stage lighting:

Stage lighting design system is by power switch cabinet (board), flow tube ark (article), that move light dimmer console, lighting controller, basic lighting effect effect of lamps and lanterns, special lamps and lanterns, performance with lamps and lanterns and the composition of the sound signal.

So commonly used in stage lighting design lighting lamps and lanterns and the basis of what?

Simple summary to the commonly used lamps and lanterns with incandescent lamp (mostly tube lamp), fluorescent lamp, lamp, gas lamp, halogen lamp, neon and candlelight incandescent lamp (mostly tube lamp), fluorescent lamp, lamp, gas lamp, halogen lamp, neon and candle light and so on.

In addition to the most basic lighting lamps and lanterns, the luxuriant adornment is need our performance with the lighting lamps and lanterns.

Performance is commonly used in stage lighting design lighting has the proper number of surface light, side light, top light and back light; Can be used for small to medium canister light, shoot the light, spot light, soft light and follow spot.

Next let's take a look at the specific requirements of the performing stage lighting design:

Stage lights used in the design of any of the lamps and lanterns should be symmetrical distribution, light can cover the dance floor. Light color change and movement is serve for music, dance, to dance halls of the style and the artistic effect of the overall service.

And all sorts of lamps and lanterns of stage lighting design organization shall meet the requirements of fast rhythm of many kinds of music, each tune (each step) must have 1 ~ 3 kinds of lamp or lamps and lanterns of special effects to produce 1 ~ 3 kind of change and movement of harmony. Its rhythm and tone should be coordinated with the connotation of the tune. The strongpoint for disco dance, every time shoulds not be more than two consecutive tune; Ultraviolet light tube should be continuous opening and closing, in the light intensity under the premise of meet the standard irradiation time shoulds not be more than 1 hour every night.

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