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A nice dance without our stage lighting design, in the design of this club is very pay attention to the lighting design. However ballroom stage lighting design is a quite complicated problem. In the face of such troubles we take a look at the ballroom stage lighting design scheme involved in part of stage lights.

First to look at the preparation stage lighting design:

(1) we need to fully understand our dance halls of the business direction and the investors' investment

(2) the size of the full investigation we dance halls and stage, dance floor, the size of the height and the overall art design, decoration design and space requirements,

(3) fully understand the status of power supply, power supply we dance halls

After we fully understand the above content is our ballroom stage lighting design scheme of foundation design

Through the market survey we found, dance halls and can be subdivided into disco, dance hall and the hall of dancing dancing (slow), two kinds of stage lighting design squadron lighting requirements are different, so need to fully understand the requirements of both.

Ballroom dance stage lighting design is one of the most can make a person feel light, color colorful charm, especially with the music song, melody, rhythm and the changing lights make people more ideas, more make people intoxicated, a directional lamps and lanterns in the lighting design layout is strewn at random have send, the direction of the projection is omni-directional, combined with the control system can produce sharp, strong sense of rhythm. Mechanization of lamps and lanterns can consider more, but pay attention to the speed on the dynamic combination configuration, should have fast or slow, wants profusion colour. Especially has acoustic power system mechanical lamps and lanterns, more rhythm makes the heart fibrillation frequency adjustable power frequency flash more preferred varieties. Attention should be paid to the point, lamps and lanterns variety choice, must assure the more the amount of light, as long as the economy permits, ballroom of the lamp is not too much.

In our ballroom stage lighting design control in also need our attention in the selection, usually choose self-programming console.

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